Banner of Heaven
A Declaration  May 30, 2005

The Banner — May 30 @ 5:42am

When in the course of the bloggernacle it becomes necessary for one blog to assume the separate and equal station to which it is entitled, a decent respect for the other blogs out there requires that they should declare the reason that impels them to exist. (more…)

Get Off the Speculation Train  

Aaron — May 30 @ 7:23am

I had an experience on my mission, a triple coincidence that had a big impact on me. We were counseled recently in General Conference from Elder Bednar that coincidences are how we can percieve the Lords hand in our lives. This teaching was a renewed confirmation to me of the importance of the principle I discuss here. (more…)

Sabbath Dating  

Jenn/Steve — May 30 @ 11:49am

“Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.”

One of the great parts about being a member of the Manhattan 3rd Ward, as I’ve recently found, is that we have a TON of activities and get-togethers. Every week there’s an FHE activity, and usually there’s something on Sundays in the form of a fireside or ice cream social. Sometimes, though, all these social activities can make me feel very uncomfortable. Here’s why. (more…)

Esther: Hero or Heroine?  

Miranda PJ — May 30 @ 2:45pm

Esther’s is a story of a woman who faced a truly epic challenge, and in the process of meeting this challenge blossomed into a major political figure at a time when women were savagely belittled and mistreated just to keep them in their place. But in spite of her femininity, Esther was more hero than heroine. Her actions were revolutionary, but they remained sadly defined within the narrow constraints of traditional masculine ideals. (more…)

Teaching the Ideal, Living in Reality  June 1, 2005

Mari — June 1 @ 10:13am

There’s been a lot of discussion lately in the Bloggernacle about feeling out of place at church, feeling you don’t measure up to the “ideal.” Some have suggested the church should stop emphasizing the ideal in its teachings as strongly as it has. I’ve struggled with this feeling all my life.

I love the gospel, and I love going to church. But what if, like me, you don’t have children yet? (more…)

A Man Alone  

SeptimusH — June 1 @ 3:46pm

It’s nearly a mile to the nearest house next to mine and I’m not used to hearing knocks on my door. When I heard my neighbor knock I almost hit the ceiling. I thought about hiding, but I saw it was him, so I felt safe coming to the door. (more…)

10 Ways to Spot a Mormon  

Greg — June 1 @ 4:22pm

First a few words about myself. I’m an only child, although my mom’s two Maltese dogs probably qualify as half-brothers. I did pretty normal things growing up—played hours of King’s Quest IV, went to Cotillion, got paid for getting good grades, and spent summers with my grandparents in Pennsylvania—and my parents never worried about me. Until I asked a Mormon girl to prom. (more…)

Contention Is Not of Me  June 2, 2005

Aaron — June 2 @ 1:02pm

Not of the Savior, that is. I wish I could say not of me, Aaron. I am sad to see that on my very first thread things got a little heated.

We’re all brethren here. (Oh and for Miranda, sisters too.) We need to stay cloaked in charity like a mantle. Like my mom always said to her rough housing sons, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. When speaking about something close to my heart I speak too bluntly. I don’t have Pres. Hinckley’s talent for being soft spoken and diplomatic.

Books Bad. Libraries Good.  June 3, 2005

Miranda PJ — June 3 @ 12:20pm

I’ve got a bone to pick with the paper industry. On a personal level, it’s my husband’s career; he took a job in the Potlatch toilet paper plant instead of going to law school. But that’s a separate issue.

Paper destroys our environment, and I’m not talking about trees either. Paper production releases millions of pounds of known toxins. Let me fill you in on a few of these. (more…)

DVD Review: The Legend of Johnny Lingo  June 6, 2005

Mari — June 6 @ 8:58am

DVD Review: The Legend of Johnny Lingo

It’s been two years since The Legend of Johnny Lingo came to theaters, and I never managed to see it until recently. It wasn’t that I was avoiding it; I actually liked the original 1969 movie a great deal and wondered how this movie would tie in. (more…)

Welcome to the Oasis: A one-act play  

Greg — June 6 @ 3:57pm

Adam (roommate)—studious and most likely to become rich
Seth (roommate)—engaged, with a tendency to swear
Nephi (roommate)—likes to remind people that he’s the ward mission leader
Abe (roommate)—the ladies find his rippling biceps irresistible
Me (Greg)—lapsed Quaker
Melanie—fiancé, dedicated to stopping Seth’s swearing habit
Floyd—eats everyone’s food and always leaves after midnight

Acknowledgments: I’d like to thank my new roommate for writing this for me. Maybe I’ll write my own post next week. (more…)

As Little Children  

Miranda PJ — June 6 @ 9:44pm

At church on Sunday we sang, “I Stand All Amazed” for the sacrament hymn. I’m the type that mumbles through hymns and mostly just listens. Immediately behind me a voice rang out, singing beautifully with grace and enthusiasm. I wondered to myself who the singer could be until I was able to steal a momentary glance at its source. Much to my surprise, it was one of the MIA Maids in the ward. I remember when I used to sing like that. (more…)

The Joys of the Fast  June 7, 2005

Jenn/Steve — June 7 @ 2:03pm

I can admit it: I love fast Sunday. The idea of sacrifice, of laying those two meals on the altar and making covenants with our Heavenly Father—it is my favorite time of worship.

And so, this post is about my roommate, of course. (more…)

Gratitude  June 8, 2005

The Banner — June 8 @ 1:03am

It’s been a week since we got started here at The Banner and we’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who made our first week a success.

Any blog is only as good as the people who read it and comment on it. (more…)

My Letter to Royle McKay  

SeptimusH — June 8 @ 1:47am

Dear Royle,

You don’t know me, but I have to tell you what I think before I hurt someone. I wouldn’t even know who you are if my mom hadn’t sent me the new church manuals this year like she does every year. She figures if I don’t go to church I might read them anyway and while browsing through the manual about your father I read about your death. (more…)

The Faint Glimmer  June 9, 2005

Miranda PJ — June 9 @ 8:22am

Following is a short story that I wrote that I’d like to share with the bloggernacle:

She wears a white dress trimmed with lace, and kicks her ball around
the field in circles. Soon, the dinner bell rings, and she runs toward
the large house with the open windows. Just outside the house, she is
stopped by a tall man whom she has never seen before. He is wearing
old overalls and a threadbare shirt. He has big hands with dark, dirty
fingernails. Looking down at her with his worn, knobby face, he
frowns. She freezes, and he picks her up. (more…)

God’s Forgiveness, God’s Trust  

Aaron — June 9 @ 8:33pm

I know I promised to post again on worldly learning, there are several things to clear up. But something Mari said sparked a thought that I feel impressed to share first. Mari spoke of some difficulty with her mother, I have no idea what it is. I’m surprised, how much trouble could a middle-aged woman possibly cause? Middle-aged women seem sweet and harmless to me. But anyway the issue that came up is the difference between forgiveness and trust. We are required to forgive all men. But we don’t have to trust them. And from God, we want God not just to forgive us but to trust us. And in this we come to the great things of eternity.

In Defense of the Passionate Kiss  June 12, 2005

SeptimusH — June 12 @ 9:43pm

Has it come to this? Have the forces of repression and guilt so gripped us that a post like this is even necessary? Is romance on its deathbed. I’m afraid so. (more…)

Xbox vs. Blogging  June 13, 2005

Miranda PJ — June 13 @ 5:03pm

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, and no hands are idler than those clutching the joystick of an Xbox or any other game console. (more…)

How can you live on $31,500 a year?  June 14, 2005

Greg — June 14 @ 11:14am

I recently had to think about this because its what my dad kept asking me over and over again when I called him up to sheepishly ask for a small loan. It’s been an expensive month—had to pay an early termination fee on my lease and a security deposit on my spot in the Oasis, and then some college buddies were meeting up in Vegas over Memorial Day where Luck, like my ex-girlfriend, was not being much of a lady. So when my 1993 Ford Taurus started having troubles with the transmission, I didn’t have the extra six hundred bucks to make sure that I could get to work every day. (more…)

Raising Isaac  June 15, 2005

Jenn/Steve — June 15 @ 11:09am

I don’t have much of a job, even though I have a lot of education (if I do say so myself). Sometimes this really bothers me, but most of the time, I am just fine with my lack of a career. Here’s why.

Porn, Divorce, and Modern Women  June 16, 2005

Miranda PJ — June 16 @ 7:44pm

A close friend of mine since childhood is divorcing her husband, because he cannot stop looking at pornography. Since they were married, I’ve become increasingly good friends with her husband, and so I’ve had a chance to talk to both of them about this in detail. The story, taking into account both sides, is like this: (more…)

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?  

Mari — June 16 @ 10:53pm

I’ll start by admitting I’m extremely uncomfortable with conflict. I will go to great lengths to avoid it, and usually I will work hard to get any feuding parties known to me to make up with each other. I enjoy blogging and reading blogs because it’s relaxing and helps me feel like I’m part of a great community of Saints. But lately in the Bloggernacle, I’ve been so overwhelmed by just how nasty things have become that I can’t even bring myself to comment. (more…)

Secondary Education.
Education for Mortality.
 June 17, 2005

Aaron — June 17 @ 3:05pm

Some may have gotten a wrong impression from my first post. Namely that I don’t think education has any value. This is not correct. Some commenters pointed out how much President Hinckley talks about education. Which I agree with. But we have to listen carefully to what he says. And place it in an overall eternal perspective. Clearing up this misconseption is the first of several points raised by my commenters that I will dignify with a post. So don’t despair those of you whose deep insiteful comments seemed to go unanswered. I may just be biding my time to address them in a post when I can set aside enough time. (more…)

Announcing The Banner Mailbag  June 18, 2005

The Banner — June 18 @ 11:20pm

Now’s your chance to find out everything you always wanted to know about The Banner of Heaven but were afraid to ask. (more…)

In Search of a Bible  June 20, 2005

SeptimusH — June 20 @ 1:55am

The other night I was over at my neighbor Dale’s house listening to him talk about his life again and drinking some more cool-aid. That’s how it usually goes. He talks and I listen. Out of the blue he asked me if I was religious. (more…)

Speed Dating  June 21, 2005

Jenn/Steve — June 21 @ 9:53am

Ever heard of speed dating? I have recently become an expert. Let me tell you, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, but I discovered the experience to be a great spiritual tool and a way to really gain insights into the gifts of the Spirit (recently pronounced dead elsewhere in the Bloggernacle!).

It all started two weeks ago… (more…)

Knowing When To Say When  

Mari — June 21 @ 3:38pm

At baptism, we covenant to bear each other’s burdens, and in the temple we pledge to give our all to help build the kingdom of God. If we follow Christ’s example, there is never too much we can give or do for someone else. Believing all this, is there a way to set healthy limits on service? (more…)

What We Can Learn from Gangsters
 June 22, 2005

Greg — June 22 @ 8:52am

Steven Levitt’s Freakonomics started circulating in my office about a month ago, and last Friday it was finally my turn to read it while everyone else covered phones, coffee, and crises. The fact that it took a whole month to get to me represents its own economic analysis of my relative worth in the office; I’m also the last to know about left-over food from office lunches. And that’s just the point I want to make about Freakonomics: once you read this book, you’ll start wondering if everything in your life can be explained by economics. (more…)

Four Dead Cows  June 25, 2005

SeptimusH — June 25 @ 12:04am

In the last month. (more…)

A Dialogue about Sunstone  June 26, 2005

Miranda PJ — June 26 @ 6:21pm

When I was growing up on the east coast, the label “intellectual” was an insult. It applied to certain people in the ward, luckily only a few, who had decided that they were smarter than the Brethren. (more…)

Many are called, but few are chosen.
Many are cold, but few are frozen.
 June 27, 2005

Aaron — June 27 @ 8:04pm

I kept meaning to comment on Miranda’s post on divorce. But now there’s so many comments I’m afraid the important things I have to say would get overlooked. So why not take advantage of my chance as a blogger here to make a whole post out of it and thereby shake the earth as with the voice of a trump. I know I promised another post on learning. I know the intellectual types, most of you, are anxious to be confounded again by the weak and simple, me. Don’t worry. I’ll get to that other post next week. But now, hearken! I have three points related to Miranda’s post. (more…)

The Banner Mailbag: Septimus  June 29, 2005

SeptimusH — June 29 @ 10:18am

This is the first installment of The Banner Mailbag, a regular feature where Banner readers get to ask us whatever questions you want. (more…)

Real Men  June 30, 2005

Jenn/Steve — June 30 @ 12:18pm

Not to detract from the recent offensive filth on this blog lately, I’d like to add some thoughts.

In my last post on Speed Dating, I read a lot of comments about mormon men and how they aren’t as romantic or interesting as non-mormons. I want to set the record straight — there are real mormon men that I admire and that I think are interesting, and perhaps romantic. Case in point: Elder Henry B. Eyring. (more…)

 July 1, 2005

SeptimusH — July 1 @ 2:06am

I just woke up after going to bed before dark. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I woke up and felt the stitches in the side of my head and remembered it wasn’t a dream. I was in the hospital.

Last night after going to bed I was trying to relax and see with my eyes shut. The room lit up bright and I opened my eyes and my bedroom was dark. I got up out of bed and looked around the house. Every door that I had shut before was open. I heard a noise like a scamper but when I went outside it was totally quiet. I walked into the field behind my house. When the ground started to vibrate under my feet I just started running. That’s the last thing I remember.

Dale says he found me hung up on his barbwire fence.

My head hurts. My hands are shaking and I feel dizzy and like I might throw up. I don’t know if it’s the concussion or what. Dale says I need some kind of counseling. I’m scared. I don’t know what’s happening to me.

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